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A new approach to your local premium OTT/CTV ad solution, anchored in Comcast NBCUniversal, built on client feedback, and powered by your trusted local NBC owned stations and NBC Spot On experts.

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The spot is our foundation,
the spot is our future,
we are NBC Spot On.


This isn’t about us; it’s about you.

Trying to drive results, you’ve navigated your business through an ever-growing labyrinth of platforms, devices, and networks—only to discover that what you buy is often different from what’s delivered.

Based on your challenges, we built this solution—a new, advanced, video-advertising platform: NBC Spot On

We—your NBC Spot On experts and trusted NBCU Owned Television Stations sales teams—are giving you the best content paired with the audiences you’ve been looking for. Not only will we deliver exclusive access to our NBCUniversal inventory, we’ll also act as your trusted gateway to premium OTT and CTV video inventory, with local scale, CPM efficiency, and quality execution.

We Know Local

Our sales teams—based all over the country and backed with decades of experience—will connect you with premium inventory in every DMA.

How we’re different

We are a start-up within

Anchored to our company values, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

We know content—premium content. We’re one of the world’s biggest content producers and would never diminish its value.

We focus on integrity: Our sales teams always do right by you.

NBC Spot On was built and is operated by best-in-class functional experts. We leverage cutting-edge technology and expertise found across Comcast NBCUniversal. Plus, we’ve secured the best inventory across the premium video landscape.